Monday, August 30, 2010


This blog is going to be about all about all the bird-related things I do with hopefully lots of cool pictures.
(such as this Lineated Woodpecker from La Hesperia)

I spent the last 8 months living, working, traveling and birding in Ecuador (mostly), Peru and Colombia. I posted 25 times in my travel blog, "because postcards are so passe" ( and often there was a lot of emphasis on birds and birding, but I kept having to write about trivial things such as my personal health and safety. And monkeys.

But now that I am back home, the old blog is on hold. I have started this new one to focus entirely on things bird-related. I do hope to revisit some of the South American birds and birding spots here and post more pictures.

But this post is not just a placeholder. I have important breaking news to share. Read on!

1) My book, Birds of the Tyler Place, sold out on August 20! I never expected to sell so many copies without being there to lead bird walks and tell people about it. Tyler Place guests visiting during the last 3 or 4 weeks of the season will just have to miss out. I want to make some minor edits before ordering a second print run for May 2011. Send in your feedback now!
2) Peter Capobianco, whose work is featured in Birds of the Tyler Place, has recently posted photos from his trip down to Ecuador and Tiputini biodiversity station. These photos will put anything I ever attempt to capture to shame! Check them out here:

3) I list and South America is a gold mine for anyone who does this (and foolishly considers ticks to be worth gold). Here's a quick recap of the numbers:

Total bird species seen (and successfully identified): 779
Of these, a staggering 642 were life birds.
When I left for Quito, my world life list was at 804 and it now sits at 1446.
My state bird list for North Carolina was at 201 and I ended up seeing 205 species just at La Hesperia.

That's it for now. I'll leave you with this image:

(These two Ruddy Pigeons at La Hesperia were getting in the mood. At least the male was up for it...the female seemed to be a bit of a tease).


  1. Way cool lineated Woodpecker shot.

    Confucious said "It is better to have a son with birds on the brain than a birdbrain son." Or was it some other famous seer?

  2. Felicitaciones por el libro debe ser muy bueno, espero poder comprar cuando salga la segunda imprecion, ojala haya en Ecuador ha... muy chevere el nombre del blog