Monday, October 15, 2012

What a bird in the hand is worth

Last weekend I went over to the Prairie Ridge Ecostation to try my hand at some bird banding.

I had not handled a live bird for five years, so this was a real treat.  I learned that cardinals can bite very hard and that a bird in the hand is a least worth a good photo opportunity!

Indigo Bunting
We banded nearly 50 birds (a lot!) of a good variety of flavors this morning

Palm Warbler
This was primarily a morning for student (mostly high school) volunteers from the Natural History Museum in Raleigh to see how banding birds works, but John Gerwin was nice enough to let me show up to learn as well (Thanks!).

a Prairie Warbler at Prarie Ridge!
A big thanks to Natalia Ocampo-Penuela for inviting me to come along and teaching me how to band!
Blue Jay
I can't wait until next time!

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